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It looks fantastic! I love it. And I love that color!! I can't crochet. Have attempted it a couple of times, and it is not pretty! Must learn some basics there.

That looks great on you! Love it!!


Nice job on it! Glad you did this in KP I have some to use too! I don't think the crochet is bad, but we are our own worst critics huh! Thanks for the hint on lengthening it...I know I'll need to!

Dipsy D.

I totally love how your Ballet Camisole turned out, it suits you so fine and I really like the color of the yarn you chose! I also just finished a tank that was knit in the round and enjoyed it so much, especially the fact that there was no big finishing and no seaming included! :)
You did a fantastic job with this tank, hope you'll get the chance to wear it often!

Karen B.

Zonda is right. We are our own worst critics (unless you're the odd egomaniac).

Love the color and the simplicity of the pattern. Totally didn't see the bra. Wouldn't have looked if you hadn't mentioned it :-P


It looks really good on you. The colour is lovely for the summer too.


Very cute! =) I love the color. I'm short and short-waisted too, so long tops rule!


This looks great on you! And I can't even see the bra. Good job!


That's very cute.


Did you have any trouble with the knit picks shine? I just knitted a tank with it, and the color is so inconsistent. Also, there are wadded parts of cotton in the yarn. Just curious if this was the only batch like this or if others have had this experience with this yarn.

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