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Karen B.

Heartfelt and emotional. Very nicely written, Kim.


You're a great writer =) I'd be tempted to get rid of the yarn entirely, just because of the emotional baggage that goes along with it...I do the same thing, attaching memories to yarn or songs or movies, all the things I enjoy, really. But in the end, you're still way better off without Jackass.


Definitely better without the jackass.

Adam never wore sweaters. He wore shorts in New England winters for as long as possible, eventually changing to jeans, but never sweaters. So finally, he said he'd like a hat. And I began to knit it for him, with green and grey cashmere yarn, and he died before I had finished it.

And it's still sitting in the basket. And i'll turn it into a couple of chemo caps and donate them.

So, maybe... knit up some hats and scarves and mitten sets with it, and send them to a battered women's shelter. That's what I'd do. Other woman have other jackasses and remember it could be worse. Put the yarn to good use, give it a positive spin and get it the hell outta your closet.



I was married for 8 years to a guy before I ever knit him a thing. I finally decided that the curse no long applied to me. I knit him a pair of socks and a sweater in the course of a few months. Less than a year later, we were divorced. I am not superstitious, but DAMN! I sold off all the yarn I had purchased to make him things, but I still have that sweater. It is just missing a collar, but I can't finish it and I can't frog it. I just wadded it up in a ball, stuffed it in a bag and hid it. I have moved on since my divorce. But I still keep that one little symbol of grief hidden away in my closet, literally.


I think you should give the Jackass yarn to charity! Get that JA right out of your life!!


I love Annie's idea - and your writing about this. Knitting for people we loved who are now gone, in many different ways, is hard.


I'm with Annie too! Turn it into something beautiful, meaningful, helpful to others. Chemo hats, Warming blankets, anything to help someone else. Show others the great person you are, and don't let the memory of him hold you back. He doesn't deserve it.

Penny Karma

If only you could knit an actual Jackass out of the yarn...

I especially relate to the "hand-made gifts are how I show love" thing. Have you read The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman? Totally changed my life.

knit chick

I don't know if I would be able to keep the yarn. I'd probably donate it to charity. I remember way back when first posted about the jerk. It's wonderful to read how far you've grown & are definitely so much better off without him. I agree about the curse being true only if you believe it.

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