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Oh, Kim... I am so sorry you have to go through this............
He is more than pathetic and more than a loser.


I just sent a letter to my ex (well, a few weeks ago) and feel SO MUCH BETTER about things. And not that it's the right thing, but THANK GOODNESS you did trust yourself and find out now rather than 10 years down the road. Hang in there. :)


Kim, I feel so sick for you. I know the empty, horrible pit in your stomach because I have been there. It is a roller coaster. Good days, and then these days. I will tell you what a fellow blogger friend of mine told me when I found out about the girl my ex-husband was fucking. What he does, or does not do, who he sleeps with, how he leads his life, it doesn't affect you. It doesn't change who you are, what you have done, the people who love you, and the great things you will do. I know it hurts, but it will get better. I promise. Take care of yourself and just know that feeling this pain now is all part of the healing process.


Amen sister..... I'm living that life right now and I know what it's like living with all the lies, and everything else in the WORLD is a priority before you... have strength... YOU are wonderful and we like YOU! To hell with the asshole.


I'm sorry you have to go through all this. Even though I don't know you, I do know that you are so much better than he is and you deserve the world. You are better without him and the hurt he causes. the bestfriend's girlfriend deserves him, as she must have been cheating on the bestfriend too.


I don't know you, but please let me pass on some unsolicited advice anyway. Don't send the letter unless the simple act of doing so will help you to release some of that pain. I say this because I am certain that she won't believe you, even with the evidence staring her in the face.

I'm sorry that you are going through this. What a jackass. Take care of yourself.

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