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Jen the Knittingspaz

great pictures. riding the train and getting a chance to kick your shoes off to knit a bit instead of sitting in traffic sounds pretty good to me too.


GREAT pictures! I love walking to work, but can't walk and knit (although sometimes I take the free bus, but I like to say I walk).


Thank you! I've been trying to be more free with my photography and am still a bit apprehensive about showing it to anyone but my computer screen. :)

I WISH I could ride the bus but I work in BFE and the closest bus stop is about a mile away... that shouldn't stop me I know but still... summer's just about here with 80 degree temps at 6am... it's not fun showing up to work "glistening". :D


Did you get a new camera? Nice photos!

Sockapaloooza Pal

Hey there, just wanted to let you know that I will be mailing your socks out at the end of the week, so they should arrive sometime next week for you!


Yay for socks! :)


Is it there yet?

*stamps foot impatiently* :)

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