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Your Sam sounds like my Kya. She eats anything & everything. It's amazing sometimes when I clean up her poo what I find in it...yarn, dryer sheets, quarter, sticks, plant name it, she eats it.

When we moved into our house 2 1/2 yrs ago, we had a BEAUTIFUL backyard...she's since then eaten everything & now it's bare. Really, I should send you a photo.

I'd say I hope Sam learns his lesson & stops eating rocks & such, but I know better from experience with Kya.


He probably won't learn any kind of lesson. If anything, it's my fault because I should be walking him more to keep him too tired to do that sort of thing. He was bred for hunting and is very high energy and has a need to go go go go all the time.


Awww...poor babies! I hope Sam feels better soon!


My 6 mo. old boxer searches for and eats cat poop that neighborhood cats bury in our yard. It makes him sick and he's just dumb enough to keep doing it. He also loves to eat carrots and broccoli stalks. Maybe 'eat' isn't the right word. More like "chew up and make a huge mess while consuming a good portion of"

We walk him enough most days, but he finds trouble if we don't. Gotta love that Dog Whisperer.

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