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Karen B.

Elbow. Elbow. Wrist-wrist-wrist! Go on with your bad self, Miss Kim.

BTW, your Odessa is lovely. And what a great way to display those treasured needles.


Wow! You famous person you ;) The odessa is beautiful! I am still waiting for yarn. Hope the next one fits better!


Odessa is so on my list! :)
And you're FAMOUS. Nice job!

Jen the Knittingspaz

WOW! two grumperina patterns at once? Odessa looks great and the lorna's laces is looking good for the jaywalkers.

Did you end up with lots of calls from your friends/family saying, dude! I saw you on the news!

Oh, and DF picked up a half bottle of Camus Conundrum (aka Offenbach obscuratum) to try this week...


I love Odessa. Love love love it. And I'm addicted to Jaywalkers. They're so easy!

Yah, when I got to work "Hey, I saw you on tv this weekend!" :) My 15 seconds.

I think you will really like the Conundrum. I've gotten into reds (zins & syrahs) and the Conundrum is one of the few whites I really like anymore. Enjoy it! Let me know what you think. :)

Nick Stokes

I love the Odessa - so pretty!

Can you not ask the news station for a copy of the sound byte?


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