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Very nicely put. I have been there, and in fact, I sorta am there now. It really is a roller coaster. And it is okay to feel melancholy, even a little sad, even though things around you are pretty okay. I am glad to hear that you are not being hard on yourself. You should post a pic of the painting.


I agree with Nicole - I've been there, too. I sort of like being meloncholy. I think differently, usually more reflectivly, and tend to learn a lot about myself during those moods.

And I've had several friends tell me they love being in their 30s. Things start to settle in, you know? Sounds like that's happening for both of us. :)


oh yeah, PS, being in your thirties rocks. I turn 33 this Thursday and so far, I think being in my thirties has been fun. I mean, cept, for the that whole pesky "divorce" thing, but that had more to do with the douche bag I married than how old I was!


I'm sorry you've had a whorific time of it lately. I think content is good, though. There is nothing wrong with content.
And, when life hands you lemons, go ahead and make lemonade, but when life hands you a load of shit, don't make anything. Trust me on this.

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